I’m so glad you’re here

As a Psychologist, I recognize the ambivalent feelings clients can experience when choosing to come to therapy. As a fellow human being, I respect the time and effort it takes to commit to working on one’s self.

Through the collaborative therapeutic process of working through identified areas for change and growth, we begin to foster trust and build resilience. Ultimately, I see my role as a clinical psychologist as vital in helping people achieve a greater sense of purpose and connection.



An intentional focus on psychological well-being and improved mental health is the best investment we can make in our lives and relationships.

Therapy offers more than just a space to vent – we work together to help facilitate an awareness of your own fears, passions and prejudices so you can then make balanced and informed choices in every aspect of your life.

I aim to create a non-judgmental, open space where you can explore your authentic self while learning how to work through any psychological inertia – or the feeling of “being stuck.” I approach my work with both a sensitivity to the individual or couples’ experience, as well as an understanding of the influential roles that family, society and culture play.


Let’s work together.